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Monday 22 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

New Developments of Garment Interlining - Knitted Interlining

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With the development of garment interlining, from the first generation of cotton, hemp, brown and other fabric to wool lining of second generation, the third generation of the resin lining developed to be widely used in the field of modern garment industry hot melt 4th generation rubber linings, and the high soft support, ultra-thin, environmentally friendly, health-based, washable, breathable lining as the fifth generation of advanced new interlining cloth also emerged.

Types of knitted lining
"Sticking on behalf of sewing" of fusible interlining has simplified modern garment processing technology and increased the efficiency of industrial production unprecedented. As a species of interlining, knitted interlining not only gives a good shape to apparel, but also tends clothing to light, thin, soft, pretty, spring and comfortable, giving the clothing colorful aesthetic characteristics and reflecting the people's command on the individual requirements of modern clothing styles.

Based on the knitted fabric, knitted lining is kind of interlining with the hot melt coating process. It can be divided into warp lining and weft lining and warp lining has performance similar to woven lining, with both good mobility and good drape. Knitted lining belongs to interlining, and is permanent interlining. It is an important part of the 4th generation interlining (woven interlining) and the fifth-generation interlining (modified interlining). Because the characteristics of knitted fabrics, knitted interlining becomes the special lining for unique knitted fabrics, which is different with the general interlining. It is mainly used for the predecessor, collar, placket, cuffs, hem and waist pocket, and other parts of outerwear, doing local bonding, playing reinforcement, security type, shaping and so on. According to different classification methods, knitted lining can be divided into different categories. By the Formed method of knitting lining fabric, it can be divided into: tricot lining, weft lining, plus stitched nonwoven lining. By the performance it can be divided into: Highly resilient lining, low elastic lining, four-way elastic lining and high count mesh lining. According to the parts it can be divided into: large body lining, collar lining, placket lining, lining the hem, cuffs lining, pocket lining, waist section lining, panties mouth lining, pull strip lining etc.

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